Jason Witten

Jason Witten was a third round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. Witten is known to be one of the toughest players in the league. He has only missed one game in his NFL career because he has played through many injuries. Jason Witten entered the league the same year that Tony Romo did and they became best friends throughout their careers. Witten holds the record for most receptions in Dallas Cowboys franchise history. He even is 10th on the all time receptions list for the NFL. Witten currently lives in Westlake, Texas near Dallas. Jason is a Christian and he appeared in a video on “I Am Second” where he talks about his faith. Jason Witten launched the SCORE foundation to provide support and assistance for families and individuals affected by domestic violence. Witten also speaks on volunteering and is a big volunteer himself. Jason Witten has become one of the Dallas Cowboys’ best and most reliable players. Every time they need a big play, Jason is the one they go to. Witten is one of Romo’s favorite targets on an important down. It will be a sad day when Witten decides to retire but he will always be remembered by Cowboy fans.


Small School Picks

Throughout the years, the Dallas Cowboys have had success in drafting players from smaller schools and developing them into great talents. Huge names like Rayfield Wright and Ed “too tall” Jones were unlikely talents that developed into Hall of Fame players. Tony Romo, the starting quarterback currently for the Cowboys was even a player that was looked over by every team. Romo played football at Eastern Illinois and he went undrafted in the NFL. He signed with the Dallas Cowboys and never even threw a pass until his fourth season in the league. Though the Cowboys have had success picking these small school players, they have not been able to come up with these talents in recent years. The Cowboys could be thinking about drafting quarterback Carson Wentz from North Dakota State. He is considered one of the best, if not the best, quarterback in the 2016 draft class. While coming from a smaller, less heard of school, Wentz has already accomplished many things in his college career. Jason Garrett says, “he believes in competition and when you have guys that play people at a high level, then that gives you a high evaluation of the player.” Although this is true, there are players in the league that come from all different levels.

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones is a well know name whether you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, a sports fan, or even just a business man. He is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.Jerry bought the Cowboys in 1989. Jerry fired coach Tom Landry, the only coach the Cowboys had ever had, and he soon became hated by many people from that day on. Some people even dislike him because he wants to be the “face of the team” instead of one of the coaches or players. Jerry also tries to be involved in every move that the Cowboys make, even though some people believe that should be left up to the coaches. Others complain about the lack of success the Cowboys have had the last few years. No matter what someone will always be unhappy with Jerry. However, the Cowboys are his team. His son will most likely inherit the team when he steps down. Jerry has recently been involved with Blue Star Sports which is a youth sports software company. This organization offers advanced technologies that can advance youth sports organizations’ operations and make the experiences better for athletes and parents. The software includes a custom website, registration and payment solutions for youth sports leagues, clubs, and associations.

Heisman Trophy Winner

Derrick Henry, the Heisman trophy winning running-back from Alabama, is getting ready for the NFL draft in April just like every other player in his draft class. Henry had a number of great accomplishments in his final year with Alabama. He took home the Heisman Trophy, the Doak Walker Award, the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award. He was also named first-team All SEC, and he was unanimously selected as an All-American. Henry had 395 carries in his final season with Alabama. That was 68 more carries than the NFL’s leading rusher Adrian Peterson. This proves that Henry can take a big work load, but for how long is the question. However, with all of the accomplishments that Henry received, he is still regarded as the second best running back in the 2016 NFL Draft. Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State is believed to be the top prospect. It is weird how you can win the Heisman Trophy and then only be projected in the top 40 or 50 picks. Some people think Henry won’t even be chosen until the second round. The Dallas Cowboys just picked up Alfred Morris from the Washington Redskins, but they will surely be looking at Henry and deciding whether to take him or not if he falls to the second round.

Newest Addition in Dallas

On Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys signed Alfred Morris, who was a former Redskins running back, to a two-year deal. As of right now, Darren McFadden will still be the starting running back, but Morris will have a crucial role in the running back position as well. During his first three years as a Washington Redskin, Morris rushed for more yards than anybody in the NFL except Marshawn Lynch. The Cowboys expect Alfred Morris to be very productive behind their excellent offensive line. Since the Cowboys picked up a running back, they will most likely not go after Ezekiel Elliot, the running back from Ohio State, in the draft anymore. There are rumors that the Cowboys are looking at free safety Jalen Ramsey from Florida State. The Cowboys lacked success in the secondary the last few years, and they are looking for someone to turn their defense around. Besides a corner back they are also looking at drafting a defensive lineman as well. The Cowboys are in need of players in mainly every position on the defensive side of the ball. I think Morris will be a good fit in the offense for the Cowboys. They need someone to give them that spark to start off the year in a positive way.

Tony Romo

Tony Romo had surgery on his collarbone Tuesday to heel his injury from the 2015-16 season. It is going to take him 6-8 weeks to go through the recovery process. Romo has injured this collarbone three different times in the past 6 years. Romo should be on track to return in time for offseason practice. Tony Romo only started 4 games last season which is the fewest in his entire career. This was also the worst record the Cowboys have had since Romo has been the starter. Tony Romo’s contract is through 2019 and most people believe he still has multiple years in him. However, with all of the injuries that Romo has gone through recently, it is hard to have faith that he will stay healthy. The team may try to draft a quarterback or pick up one in free agency for when Romo does go down again. Romo has always been looked at as the longterm quarterback. Cowboy players and fans all hope that he will stay healthy for the future, and lead the team back to their winning ways. The Cowboys need a spark to find their talent once again, and maybe Romo can be the one if he can stay healthy.

Tony Romo

Scouting Combine

The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff have been scouting out players at the combine this past week. It is obvious to most people that the Cowboys have a lot of work ahead of them, and putting the right player in the right spot is most important. The Cowboys will need a good recruiting year to sharpen up the mistakes from last year. One thing at the top of the list in Dallas is to improve their pass rush. Everyone that watched the Super Bowl saw Denver’s pass rush and it was unlike any other teams. Getting to the quarterback is a major part of the game, and Dallas definitely needs improvement in this area. On the other side of the ball, the Cowboys are in need of a running back. Darren McFadden proved himself last year, however, some people still question whether he can stay healthy and for how long. It would be nice to draft a running back that will be there for at least a couple of years and that you know will perform. A quarterback is also something that Dallas could focus on depending if they want to draft one or if they want to pick one up in free agency. No matter what happens it will be interesting to see who the Cowboys draft with their early picks.

Cowboys Draft Options

The Cowboys have been trying to decide what position they need to focus on in the upcoming NFL draft. Some people think it’s the quarterback position due to Tony Romo growing older and being more prone to injuries. If they choose this route, some of their options would be Jared Goff from California, Carson Wentz from North Dakota State, and Paxton Lynch from Memphis. A quarterback would be a good addition to the team, however, some people think it’s more risky to draft a quarterback. Picking up a quarterback in free agency could be the way to go. These quarterbacks have already proven their abilities so there is less risk. Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick are two of the notable quarterback free agents.

The other options for the draft would be to draft a defensive player to help out the struggling defense from last year. The Cowboys are lacking cornerbacks as well as pass rushers on the defensive side of the ball. Jalen Ramsey from Florida State and Vernon Hargreaves are among the top cornerbacks available. The Cowboys will have all of these names on their list, and it will be a tough decision on who to choose. We will just have to wait for the draft to see what position they want to address the most.


Dallas Cowboys 1

The Dallas Cowboys are about to have 16 players become free agents by the end of March. The management and coaching staff are trying to figure out who to keep and who to let go. It is never an easy job when it comes to cutting players. The Cowboys are always an interesting team to watch when it comes to the off-season and free agents. A couple of free agents that the Cowboys are rumored to be interested in are Robert Griffin III and Johnny Manziel. However, Manziel has probably been shifted to the bottom of their list due to off field issues. Robert Griffin III would be a very interesting experiment in Dallas due to his background at Baylor, and because he grew up in Copperas Cove, Texas. Griffin has even said that he would love to play for Dallas if he ever got the chance. Griffin has proven to be a valuable quarterback in the NFL. In his rookie season he took the Washington Redskins to the playoffs which was completely unexpected. Throughout his career he has been plagued by injuries, but hopefully he is on the healthy side now. I would love to see Griffin come to Dallas and back up Tony Romo for the rest of his career. The Cowboys may need a quarterback sooner than people think, and Griffin could be the perfect match.

Dallas Cowboys Intro

I chose the Dallas Cowboys as my topic because they are my favorite sports team. I am a die-hard fan. Being a Cowboys’ fan runs in the family, and it would not go over well if I had supported another team. The Dallas Cowboys became a franchise in 1960 when they entered the NFL. At first, they were bringing people off the street to come play for them, but after a while they started to attract big name players. They won two Super Bowls in the 1970’s, and three in the 90’s. The 90’s were the glory years for the Dallas Cowboys and fans everywhere are waiting to witness the new era of the Cowboys. Each season it seems like they have a lot of potential, but recently injuries have plagued them. They hope to get things going in the years to come, and Dallas Cowboys’ fans are praying that they do.