Jason Witten

Jason Witten was a third round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys in 2003. Witten is known to be one of the toughest players in the league. He has only missed one game in his NFL career because he has played through many injuries. Jason Witten entered the league the same year that Tony Romo did and they became best friends throughout their careers. Witten holds the record for most receptions in Dallas Cowboys franchise history. He even is 10th on the all time receptions list for the NFL. Witten currently lives in Westlake, Texas near Dallas. Jason is a Christian and he appeared in a video on “I Am Second” where he talks about his faith. Jason Witten launched the SCORE foundation to provide support and assistance for families and individuals affected by domestic violence. Witten also speaks on volunteering and is a big volunteer himself. Jason Witten has become one of the Dallas Cowboys’ best and most reliable players. Every time they need a big play, Jason is the one they go to. Witten is one of Romo’s favorite targets on an important down. It will be a sad day when Witten decides to retire but he will always be remembered by Cowboy fans.


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