Heisman Trophy Winner

Derrick Henry, the Heisman trophy winning running-back from Alabama, is getting ready for the NFL draft in April just like every other player in his draft class. Henry had a number of great accomplishments in his final year with Alabama. He took home the Heisman Trophy, the Doak Walker Award, the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award. He was also named first-team All SEC, and he was unanimously selected as an All-American. Henry had 395 carries in his final season with Alabama. That was 68 more carries than the NFL’s leading rusher Adrian Peterson. This proves that Henry can take a big work load, but for how long is the question. However, with all of the accomplishments that Henry received, he is still regarded as the second best running back in the 2016 NFL Draft. Ezekiel Elliott from Ohio State is believed to be the top prospect. It is weird how you can win the Heisman Trophy and then only be projected in the top 40 or 50 picks. Some people think Henry won’t even be chosen until the second round. The Dallas Cowboys just picked up Alfred Morris from the Washington Redskins, but they will surely be looking at Henry and deciding whether to take him or not if he falls to the second round.


5 thoughts on “Heisman Trophy Winner

  1. This is very interesting to read about, I hadn’t heard that the Cowboys were looking at Henry for the draft. As a Cowboy fan you always want your team to get the best players that they can. I am not shocked to be honest that Henry is only considered best running back, when you have such a big college career you never know how your NFL career could go.


  2. I wonder why Ezekiel Elliot is being more highly regarded than Henry. Henry definitely had the better season this past year, but maybe the NFL teams see something that we do not. Great Post.


  3. I am not a dallas cowboys fan, mainly because I am from Houston. I know for sure that if the Cowboys acquired Derrick Henry that would be very big for the team, great information!


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