Tony Romo

Tony Romo had surgery on his collarbone Tuesday to heel his injury from the 2015-16 season. It is going to take him 6-8 weeks to go through the recovery process. Romo has injured this collarbone three different times in the past 6 years. Romo should be on track to return in time for offseason practice. Tony Romo only started 4 games last season which is the fewest in his entire career. This was also the worst record the Cowboys have had since Romo has been the starter. Tony Romo’s contract is through 2019 and most people believe he still has multiple years in him. However, with all of the injuries that Romo has gone through recently, it is hard to have faith that he will stay healthy. The team may try to draft a quarterback or pick up one in free agency for when Romo does go down again. Romo has always been looked at as the longterm quarterback. Cowboy players and fans all hope that he will stay healthy for the future, and lead the team back to their winning ways. The Cowboys need a spark to find their talent once again, and maybe Romo can be the one if he can stay healthy.

Tony Romo

3 thoughts on “Tony Romo

  1. tony romo is by far the worst quarter in history, many cowboy fans were happy to see him injured, and the second string guy in. that man gets hurt every single game.You really think if tony romo wasnt injured the cowboys would be doing any better?


  2. Tony Romo is not a bad quarterback. He made “T-O” (Terrell Owens) who he is today. He has gotten alot older and on the field it shows he has just suffered from injury after injury. So people begin to think he is using that as a crutch to not play because he is afraid. He just cannot win for losing. I am not a cowboys fan by any means but I know a good athlete when I see one.


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