Cowboys Draft Options

The Cowboys have been trying to decide what position they need to focus on in the upcoming NFL draft. Some people think it’s the quarterback position due to Tony Romo growing older and being more prone to injuries. If they choose this route, some of their options would be Jared Goff from California, Carson Wentz from North Dakota State, and Paxton Lynch from Memphis. A quarterback would be a good addition to the team, however, some people think it’s more risky to draft a quarterback. Picking up a quarterback in free agency could be the way to go. These quarterbacks have already proven their abilities so there is less risk. Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick are two of the notable quarterback free agents.

The other options for the draft would be to draft a defensive player to help out the struggling defense from last year. The Cowboys are lacking cornerbacks as well as pass rushers on the defensive side of the ball. Jalen Ramsey from Florida State and Vernon Hargreaves are among the top cornerbacks available. The Cowboys will have all of these names on their list, and it will be a tough decision on who to choose. We will just have to wait for the draft to see what position they want to address the most.



One thought on “Cowboys Draft Options

  1. I feel like the Cowboys need to get some defensive players just because the fact they have a good offense just need a quarterback. Like you said they can get quarterback from the free agency and focus on drafting a defensive player.

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