Dallas Cowboys Intro

I chose the Dallas Cowboys as my topic because they are my favorite sports team. I am a die-hard fan. Being a Cowboys’ fan runs in the family, and it would not go over well if I had supported another team. The Dallas Cowboys became a franchise in 1960 when they entered the NFL. At first, they were bringing people off the street to come play for them, but after a while they started to attract big name players. They won two Super Bowls in the 1970’s, and three in the 90’s. The 90’s were the glory years for the Dallas Cowboys and fans everywhere are waiting to witness the new era of the Cowboys. Each season it seems like they have a lot of potential, but recently injuries have plagued them. They hope to get things going in the years to come, and Dallas Cowboys’ fans are praying that they do.


2 thoughts on “Dallas Cowboys Intro

  1. I am also somewhat grandfathered into being a Cowboys fan. My family is the epitome of that family that screams at the television. I actually go to a school with a girl that now cheers for the Dallas Cowboys. Nice Blog!


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